I really enjoy the outdoors, great place to see nature and take others out there for their enjoyment

Участник с мая 2015


  • Emerald Bay

    8,62 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Emerald Bay, California (United States)

  • Fordyce falls

    15,96 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Langs (historical), California (United States)

  • Lodi Ca

    23,9 километров - Средняя

    рядом с South Woodbridge, California (United States)

  • Bassi falls

    8,78 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Jones Place, California (United States)

  • Iowa Hill

    11,78 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Iowa Hill, California (United States)

  • Fleming Meadows

    12,4 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Happy Valley, California (United States)

  • Dead Truck Trail American River

    10,31 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Auburn Lake Trails, California (United States)

  • Sunol Maguire Peaks Trail

    9,18 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Scotts Corner, California (United States)

  • Sugar pine reservoir

    7,07 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Hughes Mill, California (United States)

  • A trip to the USS Hornet Alameda California

    37,61 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Fairview, California (United States)