Love the GPSR stuff and programming them with the computer. Also love the photography and video, again, with the computer. I also have a real bad temper. Go figure.

(If you would like a trail mapped out then contact me on the comments to tell me where it is. If I'm not busy and its not far away then ... zoom zoom)

Участник с ноября 2006

  • Drouet Park

    0,42 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Turkey Creek, Louisiana (United States)

  • Bayou Segnette State Park Nature Trail

    2,33 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Westwego, Louisiana (United States)

  • Indian Creek Nature Trail

    5,12 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Valde Rouge (historical), Louisiana (United States)

  • Woodworth Loop

    20,83 километров - Высокая

    рядом с Vortex (historical), Louisiana (United States)

  • North Loop of Camp Claibrone

    32,26 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Vortex (historical), Louisiana (United States)

  • Lake Buhlow Nature Trail

    1,98 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Fort Buhlow, Louisiana (United States)

  • Wild Azalea Trail - Segment 5a

    3,79 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Castor Plunge, Louisiana (United States)

  • Valentine Lake Trail

    3,1 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Milford (historical), Louisiana (United States)

  • Wild Azalea - Segment 4

    4,93 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Castor Plunge, Louisiana (United States)

  • Wood Walk

    2,16 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Stapp, Oklahoma (United States)