Hi, im Azamat and i am the owner of "Nomad's World Travel" tour agency in Kyrgyzstan. We are a family owned and operated business,we have a wide network of family members all across Kyrgyzstan who offer lodging at their places. Whether it will be in a yurt with nomadic family or in the city, you will have an authentic experience of Kyrgyzstan.
At the heart of our operations lies At-Bashy jailoo where my family keep our livestock. We have two or three yurts available from late spring till autumn and we invite you to spend couple nights with us to get a glimpse at a nomadic lifestyle.
In our tours we offer services like biking, hiking, river rafting, horseback riding, sight seeing, fishing, hunting.
If you are just traveling on your own, we offer our wide family network to offer you lodging across Kyrgyzstan. We want you to have the best experience of the country and we provide a free consultation. So call us or email us about any of your inquiries.

Участник с марта 2014

  • Kol-Tor Kegeti gorge

    6,89 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Arpa-Tektir, Chüy (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Road to kegeti

    41,61 километров - Низкая

    рядом с Ivanovka, Chüy (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Horseback riding

    16 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Kul’tor, Ysyk-Köl (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Trekking Altyn Arashan, Issikkul province

    15,14 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Teploklyuchenka, Ysyk-Köl (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Trekking Fairy Tale canyon, lake Issikkul

    45,28 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Kadzhi-Say, Ysyk-Köl (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Osh-Nookat

    36,3 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Pyatiletka, Osh (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Alai

    26,83 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Chiyrchik, Osh (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Gülchö-Osh route

    80,98 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Gul’cha, Osh (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Daroot korgon

    29,19 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Kyzyl-Eshme, Osh (Kyrgyz Republic)

  • Chon Alai

    157,02 километров - Средняя

    рядом с Chakmak, Osh (Kyrgyz Republic)