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рядом с Ich’oni-dong, Seoul (South Korea)

This is a long ride (at least for me it was long) there is over 1000 meters of climb. There are a few areas of traffic but when you get out to Gwangju it's very nice, good smooth roads with little traffic. When you start you will be on a bike path, this will take you near Paldang but not all the way there. You will need to get on highway 45 which is a 4 lane for a short distance. Traffic was not bad on this road, but they were moving fast. There is a sidewalk to ride on if you do not want to ride the road, but there is a lot of debris on it so I did not take it. After you get past Paldang you will have good roads for 5 or 6 kilometers then you will need to turn left again on a 4 lane road with a good deal of traffic, but again it is only for a few kilometers, then you will be on the best part of the ride. If you have never been to Namansangsung it's very nice, but it is a park so there can be a lot of people out there. I tend to ride early in the morning so I have never had any issues, but I have driven there on a weekend afternoon and found lots of traffic. Flowers will be blooming in May so that will make this ride even more enjoyable.


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