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рядом с  Aldana, Aisén (Chile)

The track shows the first part of the route from the Carretera Austral, through Puerto Guadal, to Chile Chico.
I did not meet cyclists, because they are typically cycling the Carretera Austral as directly as thy can, in order perhaps to feed their blogs and other similar things. On the other hand, if you are there for the landscape rather than for the blog, this detour cannot absolutlely be missed. It is probably the moest scenic road in Patagonia, together with those among the lakes of the Paine.
The gravel was reported to be in bad condition, but after all I did not find it much worse than that on the mainstream Carretera.
Allow at least two days for the whole road. Once in Chile Chico, do not miss the visit to Jeinemeni, as detailed in the tracks linked in the comments below.

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Here the road forks from the Carretera Austral.
Pay a visit to this very quit spot!
Due to its position, it is also an optimal viewpoint on Lago Carrera. Not as precious, however, as the Cementerio of Puerto Rio Tranquilo, which is even better.
I named the waypoint after the title of the panorama that I shot there...
Here I photographed a beautiful sunset, with the San Valentín looming in the background.
The place where I camped, splitting the route in two days.

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