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рядом с  Mělník, Central Bohemian Region (Czechia)

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WCRVBB-21-ELBERADWEG - STAGE 11 -Melnik-Prague 60 km
Esta es la onceava y última etapa de la ruta del Elba (Elberadweg) que va del mar del Norte a Praga. En la última etapa salimos de Melnik y en sólo 60 km ya llegamos al destino final, Praga, recorriendo en esta etapa el río Vltava (en Melnik dejamos el Elba que va hacia la frontera en Polonia).
La ruta va siguiendo el río cambiando varias veces de orilla mediante puentes excepto una que se hace mediante un barca sin motor que se sirve de la corriente y es atendida por un barquero a la vieja usanza.
Tras cruzar los jardines de Vetrusky park, la ruta se separa del río unos kilómetros haciendo una subida bastante larga que nos lleva a Kelkany. Finalmente regresamos al río y todo ya es carril bici hasta Praga, por donde entramos por una zona degradada que está en remodelación.
Aquí se acaba el viaje a la turística Praga.

We leave Melnik from the terrace of the Castle, going down to the river and crossing it with a bridge next to the confluence Elbe-Vltava. We now see excellent views of the Castle and the terraces full of vineyards.
We now follow the Vltava and we enter a forest and pass Horin Castle and Horin Locks, an historic Sluice of a canal paralell to the Valta.

Few kilometers away we cross the Vltava with a small boat with no motor. You have to wait the boat driver, who is lookin from his house window.

We now are riding quite far from the river till reaching Vetrusty Park, with many statues, a big garden and a romantic Castle.

Now we have to cross the river once more over a very beautiful iron bridge (Major Bridge), but with paved surface.

Next to see is Nelahozeves Castle, and from here we take a very exciting path next to the river, with many tunnels of vegetation. The path goes up and down, and sometimes is very funny because of the narrow space that lets the vegetation.
At Kralupy we pass the other bank of the Vltava with a bridge, and some kilometers after riding next to the river, the road turns left and goes uphill for some kilometers, till Klecany, where we go down to the river once more.

We now ride in fine bike paved paths next to the river, till we see the Silouete of St Vito Cathedral. We are arriving at Prague.

We enter Prague with bike lines with no difficult, next to the river. We pass a degraded zone that is being reconstructed, and we finally reacht Prague Center.

   - Historic Horin Locks.
   - Veltrusky park with its gardens and castle.
   - Major Bridge.
   - Nelahozeves castle.
   - Troya Gardens and Caste, with the Prague zoo.

We finally reacht Prague after 11 stages and 1040 km from Nort Sea.
We found Prague very changed from nineties. Many many tourists, but the city doesn't lost his charming style. You know: Charles V bridge, the Stare Most, the Castle, .... Nothing to discover.

We stayed at Adeba Hotel. Quite cheap to be next to the city historical center.

There is no alternative way to Prague. 60 km to the final destination.

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