• Фото Kyrgyzstan 2013 velo
  • Фото Kyrgyzstan 2013 velo
  • Фото Kyrgyzstan 2013 velo
  • Фото Kyrgyzstan 2013 velo
  • Фото Kyrgyzstan 2013 velo
  • Фото Kyrgyzstan 2013 velo

Время  19 дней 9 часов 28 минут

Координаты 42280

Uploaded 7 октября 2013 г.

Recorded августа 2013

3 852 m
735 m
1 188,0 km

Просмотрено 3086 раз(а), скачено 68 раз(а)

рядом с  Ak-Orgo (Kyrgyz Republic)

Отчет, карты для GPS и полный трек со всеми точками тут: http://www.x-tracks.ru/Reports/kyrgyzstan_2013_velo.htm
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гостиница Ала-Тао, гадюшник еще тот. Ala-Tao hotel.

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  • jravila 20.06.2015

    Hi Sergey Anatolievich,
    We are planning a bike trip this coming August to Kyrgyzstan and we are still deciding the route.
    I have seen yours and looks really cool. We would like to do mainly dirt road, and checking your pictures looks like you mainly ride trough them.
    What was the best part, and how easy is to get food once off the main towns?
    Thanks in advance

  • Фото Sergey Anatolievich

    Sergey Anatolievich 20.06.2015

    Dear Joan,

    thank you, we are glad, that our pics impressed you and that you're deceided to do this trip.
    The main part of our trip was made in an off-road terrain. The circular road around Issyk Kul Lake and some parts in the beginning of our trip (Bishkeks surroundings), Naryn surroundings and by the end (the last road before Kemin ) you can consider like an asphalt pavement with cars. The other parts were very beuatiful. In all of the cities there are some shops or even supermarkets. Sometimes there are some small groceries even in the vilages. Be carefull, sometimes the products can be expired!

  • jravila 06.07.2015

    Thanks for the advices, very useful

  • Enrico Genova 09.11.2017

    First of all congratulations for your long journey :).. I would like ask you a question: is it possible to sleep in yurt or house of privates along the road or is it necessary to have a tent?
    Thanks in advance

  • Фото Sergey Anatolievich

    Sergey Anatolievich 20.11.2017

    Dear Enrico,
    I think it's better to take a light tent. This will make you more independent of weather conditions in the mountains. You also will not have to search for yurt of remote mountainous places if you want to visit such places.

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