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  • Фото Kho Neak to Banlung via Lumphat

Время  10 часов 56 минут

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Uploaded 28 февраля 2010 г.

Recorded декабря 2009

337 m
73 m
98,84 km

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рядом с Kaôh Nhêk, Môndól Kiri (Cambodia)

This "road" is part of Cambodia Death Highway. It's really a sandy dirt track in a bad shape. Don't be fooled that elevation across the jungle is low and not varying, it is deadly hot, and the dunes are hard to bike across. Dry season is a must. The creeks in the dry season are small havens. Nice scenery though! (Part of the ride, the leg from Lumphat to Norden House, Banlung, went on the back of a small lorry.

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  • Lou 02.03.2010

    Hi Jakob, I see you've taken the hard way from Sen Monorom to Ban Lung. Did you also stay at that restaurant in Kaoh Nhek? And ride through an elephant sanctuary?
    If you're heading for Laos from Ban Lung, you can also take a challening road to Siem Pang instead of the highway to Stung Treng. See my 25-nov-07 and 26-nov-07 track.
    Greets, Lou.

  • Фото jakob8h

    jakob8h 02.03.2010

    Hi, we ate at the restaurant at the middle of the village, next to the junction where all the transportation stops. We stayed over night at the local police, and at a place some 200m west of the restaurant. The restaurant helped us phoning around to friends and relatives. We were 4 persons and no place could fit us all. Would have loved staying abit more, but now I'm back in Sweden again, but I will forward your suggestion to my friends.

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