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The Northern Portugal Bicycle Tour is more than a simple bicycle tour abroad. It gives you an insight to the Portuguese culture, gastronomy and history as well. It includes five bicycle tours, one walking tour and one guided sightseeing tour in the Douro Litoral, Minho and Trás-Os-Montes e Alto-Douro regions.

We will cycle and walk along the River Douro, Tâmega, Minho and Paiva and by the Atlantic coast as well. We will discover the beauty of the countryside, cycle on deactivated railway lines which are bike paths now, enjoy the local gastronomy and drink Portuguese wines.

Are you planning or already on holiday in Portugal and looking for some outdoor activities? I organize personalized hikes, walks and bicycle rides (cycling and MTB) mainly in Northern Portugal. Please visit my website and contact me for more details! Take care!

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