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Координаты 1963

Uploaded 27 февраля 2011 г.

Recorded февраля 2011

1 336 m
567 m
16,7 km

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рядом с Bretton Woods, New Hampshire (United States)

Lovely day, temps in the mid teens, Ishmael and I started up to the Willey Range about 9:50 am. Visited Mount Tom and fed the Greyjays. We then proceeded on to Mt Field where we photographed a Pine Martin at the summit. Some young twenty somethings had caught up to us and we convinced them to break out the trail to Willey for us. We then proceeded on to Willey behind them. 4:40 up, 2:02 down
White Mountain National Forest
4280 ft
2740 ft
3700 ft
3680 ft
4260 ft
3400 ft
Maine Central Rr
Mount Tom
Mount Willey


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