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рядом с Schaerbeek, Bruxelles-Capitale (Belgique)

Pleasant roller-blade route from Brussels to the town of Mechelen through the Charleroi canal.

It starts from the bridge van Praet (tram stop: van Praet). Follow the canal direction Antwerp. Watch the side of the canal you take, as it may not be paved.

In Kapelle-op-den Bos (14km approx) turn right to Mechelen and follow either the cycle lane on the main road or go through the urbanizations next to it.

We preferred to go off the road and see some rural landscapes despite making the way longer. For this, follow node number 10 until you enter an urban area.

Then just follow city centre signs.

Most of the way is paved and in good conditions. However, you will come across some sections undergoing works or with gravel in which you will be more comfortable skating on the road (about 10% of the route). The road is quite quiet anyway, at least on a Sunday.


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