2 199 м
95 м
32,44 км

Просмотрено 2914 раз, скачано 7 раз

рядом с Playa de las Américas, Canarias (España)

Uphill 33 km, elevation from 0 meters to 2100 meters above sea level, the road surface 4 + on a 5-point scale. First 20 km on the rocks and cactus, then 13 km on the rocks and Canarian pines. At 17 km, before Vilaflor, near the winery in the parking lot there is a tap with water. We used the classic and roller skating fast and heavy wheels. Cool mountain!

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  • Фото Zerorkiaguir

    Zerorkiaguir 20.07.2018

    Nice!! How did you go downhill? Nice to see people in the island rollerskiing.

  • Фото Alex Petukhov

    Alex Petukhov 21.07.2018

    Hello! Get down only by car)) There are no brakes on the ski rollers))

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