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389 m
30,74 km

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рядом с Pfäffikon, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

It was done at 13.2 kmh (slow) in 2h18 min but moving upriver.

The route is perfectly doable on 20cm wheels (I would not do smaller wheels because at times there is a bit of loose gravel where you will sink).

There are two tricky spots. When you cross the Zürichsee towards Rapperswil-Jona in the walking path you will have a good 800 metres on a wooden bridge. There you cannot use the poles as the wooden planks have enough space for the poles to sink in and break them.

After the Aabach Brücke you will have an asphalted 500 metres before the path goes into a skinny pedestrian river over a canal. It is narrow and it has a metal grid where the poles could sink and break. I took off my cross skates and cross that one on foot. It is only 50 metres.

Once you get to the Linthkanal it is a long straight line without trees or shadow until Ziegebrücke. There is a little bit more gravel than desirable.

One conclusion today... better to start in Ziegelbrücke and end in Pfäffikon.


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