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рядом с Noge, Tōkyō (Japan)

I went for a short run along the tama river to try out my new cross country roller skis, the skike v07-fix.
Because a typhoon is scheduled to hit us from tomorrow morning I decided to go before it starts raining.

I've used in-line skates before so I had no problem riding with this model, however with 2 kg a piece it's heavy and there quite a strain on my leg muscles, I guess I need to get used to it. On the other hand I didn't expect to attain speed exceeding 10 km/h but it seems possible to go quite beyond. I tried a few downhills but wasn't really confident.
Overall I think a trail must be at least 1 meter wide and if possible 2 meters to be practicable. Obviously riding on asphalt was much easier than on dirt.


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