• Фото The West Highland Way
  • Фото The West Highland Way
  • Фото The West Highland Way

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Uploaded 11 мая 2018 г.

Recorded мая 2018

549 m
8 m
165,04 km

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рядом с Milngavie, Scotland (United Kingdom)

This trail has its challenging sections. The most difficult one for me was along the Loch Lomond. It was like a 3 hour step class at the highest setting. Up and down the big boulders. Pray to have a dry day while doing this section. Otherwise it could be slippery. Take the high route at the beginning to reduce the difficulty level. The Devil's Staircase and the Iconic hill are the 2 steepest climbs. Most of the trails are rockies so you must be mindful of every step. We took 7 days and so happy that we did it. We used Mac Adventure to plan our accommodation and luggage transfer. They were absolutely perfect.


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