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рядом с Sveti Stefan (Montenegro)

A walk from Sveti Stefan to the center of Budva, We completed it with a one-year-old baby in a baby carriage. Among the sections not well suitable for a carriage we would mention the following:
1. several tens of distinct steps on the path right away from Sveti Stefan.
2. some gravel segments of road in Milocer park (between Sv. Stefan and Przno).
3. about 500 m of the track after Przno follows Adriatic Way (a big road with a traffic) without a pavement.
4. The latter segment starts with a steep stairs leading up to the Adriatic Way.
5. Way from the Adriatic Way to the embankment follows lots of concrete stairs. Here you have to carry the carridge for about 500 meters (luckily, downstairs)
The rest of the way is flat, nearly boring and follows flat embankments. It passes through two tunnels.


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Tunnel to Rafailovici

Tunnel to Rafailovici


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