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Soshigaya Park is one of the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Setagaya, the westernmost and the most populous suburb ward of Tokyo Metropolis. The park is a nice place any time of the year. There are some flat straight pathways for jogging and even a small skate park. The field with a clock tower is often picked as the view representing this park. A nice place for children to play around.

Kid's Playground 1

The park has three kid's playgrounds with equipment. It is one of them and the largest of all.
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Park Entrance Signage

The signage shows that this huge park is one of the urban parks run and managed by Tokyo Metropolis. It was originally planned for emergency safe area for air raids in 1943, the plan spurred by the need for the large safe area for the evacuees after Tokyo was devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 followed by the need for the large safe zone particularly after Japan started Sino-Japanese War in 1931. The park opened in 1975 and it is also a park for the Earthquake Safe Zone. Currently the park area is 9 hectares in area while the planned park area is 53 hectares. The park area keeps growing.
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Unofficial Skate Park

This section of the park entranceway plaza has been managed by local skateboarders. It is not officially a skate park and BMX is not allowed there.
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Park Guide Map

The map at the Park Admin Office shows that the area is at the northern edge of the park area.
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Multi-purpose Ground

It seems that this area near the multi-purpose ground is the only place where you can find plum blossoms.
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Straight Running Path

This section of the park has some sports facilities and this straight road is a nice addition for training for athletes.
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Tennis Courts

These four artificial turf tennis courts all require reservation at the park admin office near the skate park zone. As Setagaya is a populous ward, securing the tennis courts of this park may be really difficult.
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Walking Toward the Bridge

I crossed the road to enter the area closer to the Sekirei Bridge in the middle of the park and the only passage linking the western and eastern sides of the park.
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Walking Toward the Bridge 2

The pathway leading to the bridge is narrow but still flat and comfortable for walking.

Sekirei Bridge

It was built in 1997. During cherry viewing season in late March to early April the bridge is a good place to view the lines of cherry blossoms.

Hydrophilicity Terrace Lot/ Shinsui Hiroba

This section of the park designed to get closer to the river is also used for the mini- concerts. And of course you can have great cherry blossom views from there.

Viewing Children's playground 2

One of the three children's playgrounds with equipment.
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Viewing another playground

At the southeastern edge of the park, there is an unspecified playground.

Kurabashi Bridge

It is also the viewpoint for cherry blossoms.

Field with a Clock Tower

The field is mildly sloped and has some large trees. The clock tower also used as a water tower is one of the unmistakable icons of this park.

Field with a Clock Tower 2

Viewed from the northeastern corner of the park. From there you can see this field is mildly sloped.
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Field with a Clock Tower 3

It is also one of the park entranceway plazas a good place for a rest.

Children's Playground 3

One of the three children's playgrounds with play equipment.

Observation Deck

It is a great place to see around the park and you can also look down the creek. it is the highest place of this park.

Fureai-no-Mori 1

Walking from the observation deck plaza, you will find large trees making relaxing mood.
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Fureai-no-Mori 2

You can find the down trail leading to the waterfall area but I chose to go along the ridge of the hill.
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Fureai-no-Mori 3

Viewing the down trail leading to the lower ground.
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Fureai-no-Mori 4

Going along the ridge, the path shows steep v-shape turn and the paved mild down slope follows. It could be a feel-good down slope for joggers.

Artificial Waterfall

The sight of waterfall may give you cooler atmosphere during heated summer.
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An Arbor

Just like a Japanese garden, the creek, the arbor and the waterfall makes the area just like a miniature mountain, a reduced- size Mount Takao.
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Viewing up the Observation Deck

It is no big deal to climb up directly to the top of the higher ground. The elevation difference is no larger than 10 meters from there. It is geologically a river terrace bluff but not as large or steep as well-known Kokubunji-line bluff. These bluffs are locally called "Hake".

Sekirei Bridge 2

Back to the bridge.

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