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Kongelunden is in Amager and very close to Dragor and Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup). The forest has many paths through it and it is an idea place for an afternoon stroll. The walking is very easy and paths very well defined.

You can walk to the coast, where, on a good day there will be a large number of kite surfers operating.

This area is a great walk for aviation enthusiasts: you will have an aircraft arrival, or departure, every 60 - 90 seconds for the entire time of your walk!

If you are going to use the central parking area (PARK4) then you need to know that it is accessed from Collins Alle, turn into the western side of Collins Alle and the carpark is then on your right.


General notes on Danish forests (skov) and associated areas, these are some general comments from the viewpoint of a visitor to Denmark:

a) There is almost always a booklet that has a map and other details about the forest (often in Danish only - but maps are maps after all...). These are often available at tourist information outlets. However, more importantly, they are also available in almost all car parks close to the forest. There is normally a sign, with a map and other information. Attached to the sign there is normally a small metal box that opens by pulling the handle, sometimes there is a box attached to each leg of the sign. Inside you will find the booklet - on one occasion we took the last booklet, however, we never missed out! I have no idea who fills the boxes with booklets, but it is a great system.

b) The areas are normally multi-purpose and used for walking, horse riding, bicylcing, mountain biking etc. Some tracks are clearly identified as for only one purpose. Often there are multiple parallel tracks and in this situation one chooses the track that looks appropriate.

c) There are normally many more tracks through the area than something like Open Street Map (OSM) shows. This is especially the case if you are walking, so there are lots of ways to get to the same place, hence, the useful booklets - see 'a)' above.

d) These areas are not 'wilderness' in the sense of places in say Australia, so don't expect quite the same idea of remoteness and unaltered nature. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with these areas, they are just different.

e) Footwear: probably the most important thing is waterproof! Even in the middle of a dry Danish summer there is still water around, at other times they can by quite boggy.

f) Walking in Denmark is basically on the flat. So it is mainly distance that determines the limit of your walk. Some areas (like Ribild Bakker) are more hilly, however, on a 'world scale' Denmark is flat!

g) Many tracks are marked with coloured symbols (eg: yellow triangle, red dot, etc.) so this makes following the trails easy. Even when there is not an 'official' symbol for the trail you will normally starting noticing the coloured dots on the trees that are associated with your path.




Access from Collins Alle.


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