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After walking from Funakoshi Park for one hour or so, I had some rest at nice riverside park called Magomegawa Mizubenokoen Park. Then I started another walk first to Yotsuike Park, huge park known for four dikes and Wajiyama Park, another great park to take a walk.

Wisteria Terrace of Magomegawa Mizubenokoen Park

Wisteria terrace of Magomegawa Mizubenokoen Park also called Kamijima Ryokuchi or Magomegawa Shinsui Koen is a nice place to view cherry blossoms and take a view of the park from wide angle. Wisteria buds have not yet sprouted possibly because of some cold days these days.
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Park Exit Near the Park Bathroom

Now I started to get to Yotsuike Park about 20 minutes walk from this park. There is an exit near the park bathroom.
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Go Down the slope

There is a down slope leading to Uenoya Furniture shop.

Hiryu Kaido (National Route #152)

After a few minutes walk from the park you will see a large furniture store Uenoya. The broad road is called Hiryu Kaido, the newest route of one of the old highways leading to Akihasan Hongu Shrine known widely as the deity of fire prevention. National Route 152 nearly follows the ancient highway. The highway until Hiryu Ohashi Bridge is particularly nicknamed as Hiryu Kaido.

Kamijima Nichome Kita Intersection

Turning left at the Hiryu Kaido and walked for a few minutes you will see a nice chapel building one of the buildings for the wedding venue for western style wedding. Turn right at this intersection and walk along the up slope.
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Yotsuike Park Entrance

After going up the crest of the uphill road, you will see a parking space for Yotsuike Park, northeastern athletic park area. Walk toward the parking space.
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Auxiliary Athletic Track Also Used for Multi-purpose Ground

This area is supposed to be Jiyu-hiroba or multi-purpose ground according to the park. During the athletic championship, however, this area becomes the auxiliary athletic track for athletes practicing for the coming events. Such was the day when I went to April 6, 2019 when there were some hamami viewers enjoying cherry blossoms under the well-branched cherry trees and young athletes were practicing on the track.
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sprint track

And the best lines of cherry trees stand near the sprint track usually park visitors are not allowed to enter. That day I could go closer to these cherry blossoms. It was so lucky.
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Yotsuike Park Hamamatsu Baseball Stadium

That day, the cherry trees near the ball stadium were in full bloom.

Children's Playground

Yotsuike Park is divided into Northeast Area and Southwest Area by the busy road. This children's playground is facing the lawn ground opposite to the road. It is not good place for children to play because they are lured into the lawn ground and might get run over by the speeding cars.

Viewing Lawn Area

Crossing Northeast to Southwest park requires cautious parents' care. I had to go eastward a bit to find a nice place to cross.

Entrance of the Lawn Area

After crossing the road safely, I entered the lawn ground area. It seems new and the cherry trees there seem a bit too young to enjoy hamami. But it is a good place for a picnic any time of the year. There are some fitness equipments for adults as well as some children's play equipments. This section of the park serves as good transition from athletic park filled with concretes and pond area rich in nature.

Lawn Area 2

I came here last year the same cherry viewing season. This time I chose to take the narrow trail at the west side of lawn area.

Resting Place

There is a nice resting place that can have a great view of the lawn area. The place is really relaxing.

Lawn Area 3

There is an arcked short pathway where small children can enjoy walking in the woods. It is relaxing for adults, too.
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Down Slope

After exiting from the lawn area there is a paved downslope leading to pond area.
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The pathway to the pond #1

Just a little walk along the down slope you can find the steep stair path to the pond #1.

Pond #1

Yotsuike Park means the park with four ponds. These ponds are located at the southwestern area of the park apart from athletic facilities at the other half. These ponds are dikes and as the dikes built during Edo period (1603-1868) the pond area has been cut into four parts making it easy for fair distribution of the water to avoid disputes. Pond #1 is close to the parking space and cherry trees are planted at the easternmost levee.

Pond #1 and Pond #2

The levee between #1 and #2 ponds is one of the best places to take photos.

Pond #3

Among four ponds, the third pond seems to be most popular having ukimido or floating pavilion to view the pond. The pavilion is popular among birdwatchers.

Pavillion in the #3 pond

This pavillion is a very good place to view the third pond. When I went there that day, I saw a photographer taking the photos of the birds.
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Pathway to the Northwastern Entrance

There is a wooded pathway leading to the Northwestern Entrance to the park parted from the road close to the pond #3.
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Pathway 2

This section of the park has broader road on the higher ground and the narrow pathway underneath. I took the broader trail first.
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Yotsuike Park Entrance 2

After a few minutes walk from the pond #3 there is another entrance to the park. If you go eastward (turn right) you will return to athletic facilities and when you go westward (turn left) you will be getting close to Hamamatsu Air Park.
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Going Down the Narrow Path

Walking back from the entrance along the broader trail I soon find the way to the bottom of the lower ground, a narrow stair slope.
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Narrow Path 2

Going the stair slope about 10 to 15 meters down there is a narrow path alongside the creek.
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Group of Snow Poppies

On the dumpy trough I saw some snow poppies (Eomecon chionantha) originally from China. They are commonly found in dump places such as the area near the edge of the pond. In Japan they are called "Shirohinageshi" (シロヒナゲシ)
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Mini Garden with Bamboo Grove

There is a small garden with bamboo grove but it looks sort of deserted.

Pond #4

When I came here last spring this fourth pond was almost dry. But this year it holds much more water and I saw some ducks.

The Bridge Near the Pond #4

This neatly made faux bois bridge adds the appeal of loop jogging course encircling these ponds.
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Park Exit 3

At the westernmost edge of the park there are two ways to get out of the park. I took the left path with stair slope.
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Pathway 3

Then I was led into the nice pathway between residential district. The air of this pathway is so brilliant I am sure it could be someday used in TV dramas or the films.
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Pathway 4

Looking back the nice pathway.
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Broad Road

After getting out from the pathway I turned right at the road running the residential district and after a few minutes walk I reached much broader road. Then I turned left.
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Pedestrian's Bridge

You will soon find the pedestrians' bridge. Cross this bridge.
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Road leading to National Route 257 (Himekaido)

After getting down the pedestrian bridge you will find a straight road leading to National Route #257 nicknamed as Himekaido (Princess Road).

Joining Himekaido (NR #257)

National Route #257 is the newest route of Himekaido (Princess Road) nickname of the by-way of Old Tokaido Road. Himekaido running at the outer rim of the great plains forming the urban Hamamatsu city used to be the ancient Tokaido Road avoiding the frequently flooding lowest stream of Tenryu River. During Edo Period this byway avoiding both the coastal areas and Arai Checkpoint had been used for women and female family members of feudal lords to avoid the strict inspection of the checkpoint. Himekaido also had a checkpoint but it was deemed much lenient compared to Arai checkpoint. Route #257 runs nearly parallel to old highway linking central Hamamatsu to the main route of the byway.

Turn left at Route #257 and walk about 15 minutes to find a pedestrian bridge near the Johoku Library.
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Pedestrian Bridge #2

When you see the pedestrian bridge showing the way to the Johoku Library, Wadajima Park is almost there.
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The Road Leading to Wajiyama Park

After passing the pedestrian bridge you can easily find a road leading to the park.
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Park Entrance

When you reach the northeastern part of the park you will see two community buildings and a large library about two hundred meters rightward. There is also a large parking for the library.

Large Children's Playground with Cherry Blossoms

After entering the park and walked westward for a few minutes passing near the large parking space, I reached the cozily laid out ground with children's playing equipments and nicely branched cherry trees.
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Deaizaka Slope

From the children's playground there is a steep stair slope called Deaizaka leading to the swimming pool.
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Walking Course Start/Goal

The park has 920-meter walking/jogging course. Even top runners occasionally train with this course.


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