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Время  6 часов 51 минут

Координаты 2180

Загружено 28 июля 2020 г.

Записано июля 2020

2 052 м
1 259 м
11,59 км

Просмотрено 149 раз, скачано 2 раз

рядом с Kežmarské Žľaby, Prešovský (Slovensko)

Day 3. The hike follows red marking, until the last stretch when you get on the green trail.

The first kilometres of the trail until Sedlo pod Svišťovkou (Rakuski Przechód) are the most picturesque, offering great views of Dolina Zeleného plesa (Dolina Zielona Kieżmarska).

The following parts of the trail can be crowded in summer (especially in good weather) and follow on unworked stones, so you need good shoes.

At Skalnatá chata (Schronisko Łomnickie) you can take cabin car to the top of Lomnický štít, but it might be advisable to book tickets online in advance, as they might be sold out on the day of departure.

This trail is part of a longer trip of several days. All the following trails are uploaded in Wikiloc.
Day 1: a loop from Ždiar to Magurka in Spiska Magura.
Day 2: from Ždiar to Zelené pleso (Zielony Staw Kieżmarski).
Day 3: from Zelené pleso to Bilíkova chata (Schronisko Bilika).
Day 4: a loop from Bilíkova chata to Malá Studená dolina (Dolina Małej Zimnej Wody) and Kotlina Piatich Spišských plies (Kotlina Pięciu Stawów Spiskich).
Day 5 (morning): from Bilíkova chata to Sliezsky dom (Śląski Dom).
Day 5 (afternoon): a loop from Sliezsky dom to the summit of Východná Vysoká (2429).
Day 6: from Sliezsky dom to Popradské pleso (Popradzki Staw).
Day 7: a loop from Popradské pleso to the summit of Rysy (2503).
Day 8: a loop from Popradské pleso to the summit of Kôprovský štít (Koprowy Wierch, 2363).

Zelene Pleso (Zielony Staw Kieżmarski)


On the trail


Velké Čarne pleso (Czarny Staw Kieżmarski)




On the trail


View on dolina Zeleného Plesa (Dolina Zielona Kieżmarska)


On the trail


View on Lomnický štít (Łomnica)


View in the direction of Malá Studená dolina (Dolina Małej Zimnej Wody)


Obrovský vodopád


Bridge on Veľký Studený potok (Staroleśny Potok)

After the bridge you follow green trail if you are going to Bilikova chata.

Bilikova chata (Schronisko Bilika)


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