• Фото Walk to the Fountain of Youth?
  • Фото Walk to the Fountain of Youth?
  • Фото Walk to the Fountain of Youth?
  • Фото Walk to the Fountain of Youth?
  • Фото Walk to the Fountain of Youth?
  • Фото Walk to the Fountain of Youth?

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рядом с Platte, Artibonite (Ayiti)

This is a 10km hike through a lesser known of Haiti that you are likely to enjoy.

To get to the starting point of the hike, note the marked way points from the main road and the only intersection along the 4km dirt road. You should be able to find a parking spot near the hydro-plant.

It's a very green area with a lot of agriculture. A cooperative has been taking care of the farming and you can small streams providing water to fields along the way. Depending on the season, you will see rice fields and certainly a lot of banana plants, bread-fruit trees and coconut trees. It's one of the areas that is self-sufficient in food production.

The track is quite easy to follow, but can be rather steep from time to time. Take your time and make some pictures along to way to catch your breath. There are quite a few places with shade along the way.

When you are about half way, you'll pass one of the 2 springs in this area. Take a rest and let (at least) your feet enjoy the cool and clear water coming from the spring. If you feel up for it, you could even go for a swim. But do expect to the entertainment for the village as people will stare at you.

After you have recovered, follow the trail through the village and you come to the other spring. When we passed the second spring, there were at least 15 young boys jumping and playing in the spring, so there I decided on the name of the hike.

After the springs, the trail will follow more or less the metal tube that goes down to the hydro-plant. As you get deeper into the valley, it will get more dry and hot again until you make it back to the starting point.
The second spring along this track.
Exit the main road and follow the dirt road towards the starting point of the hike
One of the 2 springs on this track. Take a break and enjoy the clean and cool water.
This is the only intersection on this dirt road. Take here the right one that goes up the hill, not the left one that crosses the water.
The hydro plant is providing the communities around with electricity. You'll be able to find a parking place here.


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