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рядом с Randanne, Auvergne (France)

Walk inside the Parc des Volcans including three volcanoes, the Puy de Lassolas (1187 m), the Puy de la Vache (1167 m), and the Puy de Vichatel (the track goes up to 1037 m; the summit is at 1094). Especially the climb of the Puy de Lassolas is quite steep. The route mainly goes through forest with the exception of the summits of Puy de Lassolas and Puy de la Vache, which are bald, and where you have great views of the Chaîne des Puys and the surrounding countryside.
A slightly different version of this walk inspired this track and is described in the german book "Auvergne mit Massif Central und Vallée du Lot. Die schönsten Tal- und Höherwanderungen" by Bettina Forst (walk 9).

Lava bombs

At the foot of Puy de la Vache is an open field with black and red gravel strewn with lava 'bombs'.

Puy de la Vache

The top of Puy de la Vache is bald, covered with red gravel, and offers great views.

Puy de Lassolas

The Puy de Lassolas offers the steepest and highest climb of this trail. The top is covered in red and black gravel and offers great views.

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  • Фото Koolloos

    Koolloos 15 окт. 2014 г.

    Mooie route Tjaart. Mijn zus heeft een Chambre d'hôtes daar in de buurt (Saint Nectaire), dus ik ga deze route zeker een keer doen!

  • Фото Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 15 окт. 2014 г.

    Veel plezier! Mooie streek trouwens.

  • Фото AnxoDR

    AnxoDR 17 янв. 2020 г.

    Я был на этом маршруте  Посмотреть еще

    I'll repeat this one!

  • Фото Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 18 янв. 2020 г.

    Great Anxo. Thanks for the review, and enjoy it when you repeat it!

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