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рядом с Volterra, Toscana (Italia)

This part of the hill is rarely visited but contains several of the most important historical sites of Volterra: the in 2015 discovered Roman amphitheatre (excavation work still going on), the Etruscan city gate Porta Diana and the Etruscan Necropolis site Marmini with two enormous tombs, free accessible.
During this walk you pass through Le Valle, the green valley that in the middle ages contained eight water mills for the production of chestnut flour. You will follow a large part of the Roman road 'Via del Sale'.

Cimitero Comunale and Roman amphitheatre

Very much worth visiting! Although cemeteries are places of the soul, of death and sadness, they also have a particular, disturbing and mysterious charm. Morover in their own way, they tell you something about the history of the city. This cemetery dates back thousands of years. On the opposite site of the parking place you find the recently discovered Roman amphitheatre. Excavations are still going on. According to Discovery News, “the most important Roman amphitheatre finding over the last century”.

Porta Diana - Etruscan city gate

Porta Diana (or Portone) is of the two ancient gates of the Etruscan Volterra ring walls. It is an important example of Etruscan architecture.

The Etruscan Necropolis

Two amazing tombs from the Etruscan era. Both free accessible. When you go down into the tombs the lights automatically are turned on.

Podere Uffiziatura

This old farmhouse is called Uffiziatura. It is now private property. The road is the old Roman road from Florence to Volterra. It used to pass in between the houses. In the early middle ages the Uffiziatura was the place where the people entering the city had to pay the road tax to the bishop of Volterra.

Forest path

This path through the woods leads back to Volterra underneath the Etruscan Necropolis site Marmini. In spring you can find wild asparagus and in autumn the strawberry tree full of nice fruit.
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forest path back to Volterra


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