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рядом с Tuscania, Lazio (Italia)

Take Via della Piastrella--part of the ancient Via Clodia--down into the Marta River Valley, R along the valley floor, R to ascend up again, then R to return into the city. Two Etruscan "cities of the dead"(necropoli) along the way (Ara del Tufo, Tomba della Regina). Caution: there is no signage; the first leg may not be passable in summer due to the uncontrolled growth of weeds along Via della Piastrella; watch out for cars along the final leg (Via dell'Olivo) once you've returned into Tuscania.

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  • Фото Anderson

    Anderson 14.01.2010

    Fantastic video description. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful trail.


  • PietroPaolo 19.03.2010

    Bravo Giaki, il video e' utile e ben fatto.

  • Фото saurier

    saurier 21.07.2013

    So schaut's da aus. https://it.wikiloc.com/percorsi-escursionismo/via-clodia-tuscania-vt-italy-691182/photo-200917

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