• Фото Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 03 - Oria to Grottaglie
  • Фото Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 03 - Oria to Grottaglie
  • Фото Via Appia/Appia Way - Stage 03 - Oria to Grottaglie

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рядом с Grottaglie, Puglia (Italia)

This is the third stage of the Via Appia by foot, from town of Oria to the town of Grottaglie.

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The track follows the Via Appia Antica loosely as it's not possible to hike the original route anymore. In large part because the old road have been upgraded over the centuries and is now a highway in some section or a main provincial road where cars are speeding by you. In other sections, the road is simply gone. Instead, I've searched for nice roads, a little away from any main roads where there is a lot less traffic (or none at all). Where possible, it will pass through the centre of towns to allow some local site-seeing and a chance to resupply.

This track stops in Grottaglie, which is, as far as I could find out, not part of the original Via Appia, but if we would follow the Via Appia, we would end up in the town of Carosino, which doesn't have a train station, making it rather difficult to do these stages one time at a time. Instead, I've chosen to end in Grottaglie so you can enjoy a nice trail.

This stage starts at the same place the second stage ends: The train station of Oria. From the train station, you'll quickly get to the historic centre of town, which you may want to visit or continue on the track, Similar to earlier parts of the track, the Via Appia has been turned into a major regional road, so I've found an alternative through the fields south of it. It's not a very direct route, so you'll make a few kilometres more, but certainly more enjoyable.

From Oria, you will be following a road parallel to the Via Appia. When your odometer reaches 3.7 km, you'll need to cross a field and road may not be as obvious here, but it will not last long. Soon you'll be back on an asphalted road.

When your odometer reached around 15.7 km, you'll be back on the Via Appia, but just for 2 kilometre. From that point, you could continue to Carosino to stay "faithful" to the Via Appia, but you'll miss out on the rest of the track that is going through a very scenic area.

When your odometer reaches 24 kilometre, you'll come to a nice valley that I think is worth the visit, but if you are already very tired, you may opt to take a shortcut at this point and shave 3 kilometres of this day. Just follow the dirt road north, in the same direction as the tracks. After passing under the highway, you'll find a small tunnel to safely pass the train track and you'll resume the track.

If you still have the energy, follow the trail through the valley. It will pass through a tunnel under the highway and then the fields along the highway.

The last part of the trail passes by the outskirts of Grottaglie until the train station. Please note that there is no shop at the train station, so you may want to buy something at one of the shops you pass by, or at least get some water at the indicated water point.

I'm not sure yet how many stages this series will have, but I'm trying to put them together, not just on the computer, but actually hiking the stages, finding the nicest tracks. Like this trail, it was no hiked in 1 day, but a complication of several different hikes, picking the best road.

Enjoy the trail end leave a comment. In particular if you know some interesting waypoints should be included or an alternate track that could/should be used. Any information is much appreciated.

3km Shortcut

Leave the track here for a 3 km shortcut.

Small Supermarket

A small supermarket that should stay open between noon and 4pm. Not open on Sundays


A small cafe, a little off the track, which also has some sandwiches


Possibly too late in the trip, but the only one I found along the track.

Oria Train Station

The Train Station of Oria


    You can or this trail