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рядом с Nokowoula, Sanma (Vanuatu)

One of my best hiking tours i‘ve ever done.


1. day:
- Luganville - Tasiriki, 4x4 vehicle, (2-3 hours)
Public transport: 10€
Taxi: 100€
- Tasiriki - Kerepua by boat (2 hours)
Public boat: 40€
Private boat: 100€
- sleeping at the community, 15€ with dinner

2. day
- hiking to camp 1 (6-7 hours) or camp 2 (9 hours)
Guide: 25€ per Day, Minimum 2 guides
- entrance fee for climbing: 40€ per person

3. day
- hiking to the summit and back to camp 2 (6 hours)

4. day
- return to Kerepua village
- sleeping at the community

5. day
- Kerepua to Tasiriki by boat: 100€
- Tasiriki to Luganville by 4x4: 10€

No need to go to a travel agency, it’s more than double price.

For public transport you have to wait a little bit. I didn’t wait longer than 1 hour.

During cyclon season, the river can be to high to cross (either by car, or by food on the hiking trail). Also there will be heavy raining and the ground is very muddy. So I recommend to go on dry season, but if you have a few days more time, it’s no problem.

Then you are strong, it’s possible to summit it in 2 days. But it’s more fun in 3 days.

Kerepua people are really really nice. They are happy to support you and their hospitality is amazing. They have a guest house in their village. But they have no mobile connection. They have to go to a special place to receive messages.

If it’s possible, contact the chief of Kerepua by a text message and inform him about your arrival 1-2 weeks before. They can help you with the boat (100€).
Phone number: +678 598 5785.



Camp 2






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