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рядом с Nkelei, Tanga (Tanzania)

Third day of the Lushoto - Mtae hike. Without a guide.

We started the day having breakfast in a small local place in Rangwi. It's right at the beginning of the track. Chai, chapati and mandazi are served from 8am.

The track follows a unpaved road, where we have just seen a dozen motorcycles during all the way. There a a few up and downs, but not demanding.

The route passes through a couple of small villages where you can find some beverages. Almost in the end of the track, you can take left to get tk the Mambo viewpoint. We skipped as it was raining and very foggy. Anyway, at Mtae it's supposed to be a nice viewpoint too, we will do it in the afternoon if the weather gets better.

As during the previous days, people were friendly and helpful everywhere. We didn't feel unsafe anytime nor anywhere. The track follows paths and roads used by locals, so nothing to worry about.
Пункты питания

Small village with some shops, chapati, Chai...



Пункты питания

Small Village


Intersection Mambo, take left


Intersection, take right

Just after the house take right and follow the narrow path

Maguma Viewpoint

It was very foggy, I don't know if it's worth it in a sunny day

To Mambo, follow the small path next to the pines


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