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рядом с Lukosi, Tanga (Tanzania)

Second day of the Lushoto - Mtae hike. The route has been done without a guide.

We have started the track in Lukosi, where we ended the last day. There a several places to have breakfast. The track starts right in front of a popular local place where they serve tasty Chai-milk, chapati, soup and some other things.

The track goes by very easy and well preserved paths. Only a couple of little peaks are on the route. In case it's raining, they might be a little bit slippery.

The hike passes through many rural houses and crops. You'll find tons of children and friendly on the way. Also, during the way you might fins a few small shops and places to get a snack if needed.

Before getting to Rangwi town, you'll pass next to the Christian Sister's Convent, where you'll find accommodation. The price is 30.000Tsh per person.

We opted for a local guesthouse in Rangwi, just 5-10 minutes by walk from the Convent. The place is located right in the end of the track, and they offer very very very simple rooms for 5000-7000Tsh. The place is very simple, just according to its price.



Mountain peak

At this point we started the way down

Intersection, take left

Маршрутная точка

Small village


Sisters Convent

Accommodation is 30000Tsh per person


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