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Day 1 of the Lushoto - Lukosi - Rangwi - - Mtae Trekking.

We did the trekking without a guide, was pretty simple to reach Lukosi just following a track and asking some locals. People on the way was ver friendly and helpful!

The track goes through small rural paths, not far from the unpaved road. From the kilometer 11-12 aprox, the track follows the road. There were barely cars, so it was a good walk. Beautiful landscapes specially when approaching Lukosi.

You'll see that after some hundreds meters, the track has an error during some kilometers. This is due to a big storm that made us take a lift during some kilometers until the rain stopped.

In Lukosi you can find food and accommodation, there are lots of shops and services. No need to carry too many things with you.

We stayed at a local guesthouse (see end of the track). 5000Tsh for the room and really nice people. Speaking a few swahili words is helpful, but don't worry if you don't!

The route is very easy and the landscapes are awesome! Wear a raincoat as it might rain a lot.

NOTE: We skipped the Magamba Peak (through the Magamba Reserve), as we have already done it the day before on our way to Irente (the track is also uploaded in my wikiloc profile). It's possible to do the Magamba Peak before arriving to Magamba town if you want to do a longer track.

Follow the road until Lukozi

We had to take a car due to a big storm. Just follow the road

Starting the road by walk again


New Watoto Guesthouse

Perfect local place for overnight. 5000Tsh a double room.


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