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рядом с Macleodganj, Himāchal Pradesh (India)


this is the track/route which we made to reach Triund on 25th dec 2009.

while going up we went a bit off route from the one used by the locals but on the way back we stuck to the track used by the locals it’s much easier and safer.

we started around 1300 which was way past the time which we initially planned on leaving and reached Triund 1800, 30mins past sunset, now to reach Triund this is not the easiest way plus there are no chai shops on the way but personally I like the route, less people more nature  but beginners should always have a guide with them.
on this route on our way up we came across mountain pheasants and saw pug marks of a bear and a snow leopard left in the snow.

On our next trip will be crossing the IndrharPass and reaching Chamba.

Respect nature
Bring back the trash that you take along
Don’t leave anything behind
Love Peace

we pitched our tent here

Пеший Tуризм

snowline cafe


Shiva cafe where we started from


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