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рядом с Triquivijate, Canarias (España)

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This hike starts in the village Triquivijate. The hike is rather flat most of the time, except for the steep 100 meter climb of a small mountain in the middle of the hike. Total ascent is about 250 meter.

To climb the mountain, you have to leave the official road and go off-road, there is not really a trail that goes up to the mountain.

A funny detail of the mountain it that it looks like a breast when you see it from a distance ;-)

After the steep ascent and descent of the mountain, you have to cross the FV-413 road and walk along a fence around what seems private property. The trail along the fence has eroded a bit, and you have to be careful in the first part, because there is a small ravine on the other side (see pictures).

Like most hikes on Fuerteventura that we did, this hike was pretty windy.

The hike gets 2 out of 5 points.

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  • peer Molenaar 29.12.2015

    I would not recommend this trail anymore. The part along the fence is really getting very narrow, and falling down is easy here. Besides, this is not the best trail for views, so I think there's plenty of other trails that are more worthwhile.

    Still, thanks for publishinig the trail

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