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рядом с Ala-Archa Al’plegri, Chüy (Kyrgyz Republic)

This track leads you from the Alplager in Ala Archa near the parking lot to the Komsomolets (4204m). The trek is technically easy but physically very demanding. You have to cover 2000m of altitude to get up and then back down. On your way back you can surf down a scree that safes you a few hundred meters of walking down. If you plan to surf down the scree, identify the right one on your way up. Otherwise you will end up to far away from the track and you will have to climb across some rocks to get back to the track (it happened to me once...).

If you have never been on top of a 4000er before, this is a very good start. Afterwards you could continue with the other 4000er in the Ala Archa national park.


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