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Координаты 41947

Uploaded 27 июля 2015 г.

Recorded июля 2015

4 220 m
1 985 m
243,77 km

Просмотрено 1827 раз(а), скачено 95 раз(а)

рядом с Dzhergalan, Ysyk-Köl (Kyrgyz Republic)

21-JUN-09 8:57:56
11-JUL-15 10:32:52
21-JUL-15 13:26:15
10-JUL-15 9:49:02
10-JUL-15 10:28:40
21-JUL-15 6:18:58
10-JUL-15 16:13:04
21-JUL-15 10:45:09
First through passage in 2015 (only name and approx. location was known from old-school time).
16-JUL-15 8:06:02
20-JUL-15 13:43:44
03-JUL-15 10:20:46
21-JUL-15 7:05:50
11-JUL-15 12:10:31
10-JUL-15 16:29:58
2015 LGU per (Arashan Centr)
05-JUL-15 15:58:18
21-JUL-15 15:18:12
13-JUL-15 9:37:45
11-JUL-15 16:55:29
03-JUL-15 9:58:36
21-JUL-15 13:49:14
21-JUL-15 14:06:17
21-JUL-15 14:54:18
07-JUL-15 15:26:24
07-JUL-15 13:56:53
10-JUL-15 13:35:34
11-JUL-15 11:49:23
22-JUL-15 10:29:31
21-JUL-15 11:18:17
10-JUL-15 7:11:01
05-JUL-15 14:59:22
20-JUL-15 17:57:31

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  • AndriiUA 08.05.2016

    Hi. Can you share more about your experience.
    Was you able to buy a food during your trail?
    What was the temperature in July?
    Did you take ice axe and other winter equipment?
    What was difficult on this trail?

    Thanks in advance. You can reply on Russian as well.

  • roeland010 09.07.2017

    Did somebody use this file, and how was it?

  • georgethetraveller 16.09.2017

    This trail from mikkifox looks indeed very interesting and I would be interested in his/her answers. In the meantime: although I didn't do this track exactly (did the Terskey-Alatoo-Traverse, which stays on the north of the mountain range and goes from Ashu-Toor pass -- Teleti pass -- Lake Ala kol), from what I've looked at:
    1) I think this trail might involve an icefield crossing or two; our max. elevation was 3.900 m, at ca. 4.400+ there was all snow
    2) July would be too early in my opinion; we hiked end of August, which was snow-free, as I said, up to 3.900
    3) On the northern part of the mountains, where we were, there were some nomads with their tents; you could buy or barter some ayran (we did) or probably some bread (we didn't), but there were no shops or anything.

    Hope that helps, others might give better info ;-)

  • rhhsmits 10.04.2018

    I took the liberty to upload this track to Openstreetmap and traced it with a "path", so those using an Openstreetmap-based navigation app can use it. We're planning to do a traverse like this one this summer (but probably less ambitious), and are hoping to stock up on food at the shop run by the Elza guest house in Altyn Arashan ("In our shop you will find different products including beer..." according to their Facebook page).

  • Фото mikkifox

    mikkifox 11.04.2018

    to rhhsmits: I don't think it is right to mark mountain track like this one on the OSM map as trail. It will disappoint users who decide to trekking it without experience/equipment.

  • rhhsmits 11.04.2018

    Hi mikkifox, thanks for your reply. OSM is encouraging to add mountain trails to the map, because it is an area where Google Maps is failing, and I've been actively adding my own trails to OSM in Bulgaria, where I live. I think it is the responsibility of the user to be properly equipped for mountain hiking, whether following a trail found on Wikiloc or OSM. On OSM it is at least visible when a path leads over a glacier, so a sensible person will understand that this shouldn't be tried on sneakers :)
    On OSM information on the difficulty and visibility of the trail can be added, and I don't mind spending some time on it. However I haven't been to Kyrgystan yet, so I will only be able to guess trail visibility (I suppose anything that I can't see on an areal picture should be marked as "Mostly pathless") and hiking difficulty (sections on glaciers should be T5 or T6). See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:trail_visibility and https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:sac_scale Would you be willing to help me with this?
    I consider that you are the owner of the GPS track, so if you don't want to see it on OSM at all, I will delete my work (with pain in my heart, but with respect for you).

  • Фото mikkifox

    mikkifox 11.04.2018

    I think you can leave it on OSM if you mark it as "pathless". In my simple GPS device it will still looks the same as good trail. I need to be more careful when using OSM map (eg. I use it for routing bicycle - such inappropriate trails sections are headache for auto-routing).

  • rhhsmits 11.04.2018

    I know the feeling: I got stuck with my car once on a track that was allowed, but not passable, for cars :( Unfortunately on OSM you can only mark the legal status of a trail, not whether you can actually use it.
    I marked all the paths I added using your GPS track as "pathless". I hope this summer I will be able to walk some of them!

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