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рядом с Hétszőlő, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye (Magyarország)

This is actually the last part of a longer day hike. It starts from the Tokaj's train station and follows part of the green and red trails. It also includes an unsuccessful attempt to hook the Mária Út trail right after the bridge.

The overall path didn't present any particular difficulty, except for the muddy terrain and the ubiquitous mosquitoes. I actually started my walk in the morning from the opposite side of the green trail, reaching Tarcal and taking a train to get back to Tocai.

Unfortunately, the eastern part of the green trail is totally abandoned and almost impracticable, as most part of the Mária Út, so my suggestion is to stick to the red trail. You can grab a map of the area at the info point in the center of Tokaj, but don't expect any further advice from them.

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