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рядом с Tambach, Thüringen (Deutschland)

We got the idea for this walk from www.Thueringer-wald.com, an informative website for this region with at least 50 walks.

The walk is called 'Rundwanderweg zur Ebertswiese' but when we arrived at the small lake we decided to make the walk a little longer by going up a further 40 metres to the Mittener Höhenberg (836m.) from which you have quite an extended view to the west.

The track is easy but it is quite long and after our last waypoint, Nägelstedter Girn the track becomes quite monotonous. It is possible, however, to follow another track, through the woods from this point back to Tambach-Dietharz.

All in all it is a very nice walk, with some imposing features of the landscape, some beautiful stretches along the Lutherweg and the Rennsteig, a pastoral meadow, and a small but lovely situated lake at almost 800 metres.
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