156 4 44


37,44 км

Набор высоты

3 991 м

Техническая сложность


Потеря высоты

2 882 м

Макс. высота

4 908 м



Мин. подъем

1 093 м

Тип маршрута

В одну сторону


3 дней 8 часов 29 минут




25 мая 2013 г.


октября 2012

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4 908 м
1 093 м
37,44 км

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рядом с Syage, Western Region (Nepal)

3 nights 4 days beautiful side trip at the beginning of classical Annapurna circuit. Wild forests, no civilization except few shepherds huts, little chances to meet people, breathtaking scenery. Maximum altitude 4900m, no special climbing skills or equipment needed. Warning: fast ascent, altitude sickness is highly probable for non-acclimatized hikers.

Please read comments for the waypoints, there you can find additional information about the trek

Night 1

  • Фото Night 1
Place for a first night camp on a open pasture near shepherds' hut

Water source

Water source near first camp. Just when you reach the opening to the pasture, look for the trail in the forest to the right. It threads steeply down for some 20 or 30 meters. There you can find the small clean spring

Water source

Find the small passage under the bushes to the left from the trail. There you can find a weak spring

Dangerous traverse

  • Фото Dangerous traverse
Beginning of a quite dangerous travesre of the steep slope. Do not attempt it in the night or under heavy rain. There is upper trail some 10-15 minutes before this point, starting in the big green valley

Night 2

Campsite for the second night at the side of a beautiful lake. Alt. 4020m

Last water source for the whole day

Better take as much water as you can in this river.

Night 3

  • Фото Night 3
Campsite for the third night, 100 meters below the pass. If you get lucky you will have some snow here to melt. If you have enough strength left you can skip this site and follow the path to the valley 2-3 hours after the high pass, there at least you can find water

High pass

Breathtaking view to the Manaslu range

Water source


Water source

2 комментариев

  • Фото byczy

    byczy 1 авг. 2014 г.

    Did you had previously acclimatization?

  • Фото llrr

    llrr 2 авг. 2014 г.

    Not at all, and I find it quite unusual that none of the 5 people experienced anything more than headache.

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