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рядом с Stoos, Kanton Schwyz (Switzerland)

Quite popular touristic place. Amazing views, especially from Fronalpstock. We started the rout at the village Stoos (you can get there with a cable car Stoosbahn from the north or with a cable car from Morschach, also you can hike there, however it seems like quite a long route). From Stoos we hiked to Klingenstock (another option is to take a cable car Klingenstockbahn there). It took about 2 hours (with having a bit of rest in the middle). Then from Klingenstock we hiked to Fronalpstock along the mountain range. It also takes around 2 hours. On the midway you can also do a radial hike to a smaller peak Huuser Stock. This route onto the mountain range is very pleasant to take, because of a stunning scenery (lakes, mountains and villages around). From Fronalpstock you can take a cable car back to Stoos or hike downhill by yourself. Along the whole trail there is a clearly seen footpath, on the mountain range the stairs are provided. The route is not very difficult, however, you should not be very afraid of heights.

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    Easy to follow thanks to multiple markers along the path. There are some shortcuts along the way but not really needed. It takes an hour to get from base to the ridges, where the beautiful scenery unfolds.

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