14,41 км

Набор высоты

78 м

Техническая сложность

Очень высокая

Потеря высоты

1 134 м

Макс. высота

3 251 м



Мин. подъем

2 184 м

Тип маршрута

В одну сторону
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho - Mount Cramer
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho - Mount Cramer
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho - Mount Cramer
  • Фото Stanley, Idaho - Mount Cramer




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августа 2020
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3 251 м
2 184 м
14,41 км

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рядом с Obsidian, Idaho (United States)

This is the second highest peak in the Sawtooths, and also a county highpoint. Together with gorgeous
landscapes, this peak is a very attractive target. But it is 18 miles round trip.

The trail to Imogene lake is heavily used and well maintained. From the lake follow the trail that
contours the lake to the North. The trail crosses an outlet clogged with
deadfall. 200 yards beyond this outlet there is a narrow trail, easy to miss, that descends
towards the lake basin. It is important to follow the trail because the area is a rocky labyrinth.

The trail skirts the first small lake North of Imogene and then turns West to another
lake with a waterfall and beautiful view of the Cramer. The trail crosses the outlet and runs
North of the lake.

Beyond the lake, you need to make your way up however you can. The terrain is not very complicated,
but finding a way can take a few tries.

The objective is to reach the East ridge of Cramer, which is fairly easy until it gets steep just below
the summit. Going to the left there is an easier ramp leading to the South East ridge. The ridge requires
a lot of boulder hopping over large rocks to reach the summit.

Finding the route between Imogene and the face under Profile Lake can be tricky be prepared.

Gloves are recommended to navigate the sharp rocks.

The road to the Imogene Lake trailhead is very rough. You need a high clearance vehicle, and
probably 4x4 drive.
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Cramer Summit

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Between two slabs

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Trail to Cramer

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Driftwood crossing


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