3 631 m
1 410 m
58,03 km

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рядом с Shatili, Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Georgia)

Very hard trek.

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Shatili village


Juta village

Isirtghele pass


Military post


Bridge (???) over Assa


Nice camping spot in Arkhoti valley


Arkhotistavi pass

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  • Фото GeorgianTour.com

    GeorgianTour.com 30.03.2016

    From Military post you could go down to tanie Lake and then cross the pass this year

  • ginny howells 04.09.2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Incredible scenery- but hard trek! Would definitely recommend if you want a challenge, we saw very few other hikers, none for the first 2 days.

    We did the hike in 5 days- first couple of days were hard due to steep gradient and getting used to altitude (also first trek of this trip so we were still getting fit!)

    Make sure you sign the agreement and get your name/ passport and paperwork recorded at the first military border post and take it with you as you will need it at the second post.

    For the descent down the valley- lots of river crossings, some with tree trunk bridges which you need good balance on, some needing to remove boots and cross. Often there was a path on both sides of river, but one would be impassable, so quite a few times we had to backtrack- this adds to the adventure!

    We didn't see any vipers, but we did see a dead bear, and got lots of scratches and stings from scrambling through thorns and nettles- long trousers recommended!

    Final two days were much easier and path clear to follow. At the final military post the guards were very helpful and helped arranged transport from Juta to Kazbegi for us.

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