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рядом с  Rannaküla, Lääne (Estonia nutome)

Along the Gulf of Finland
Starting from Rannaküla and after bypassing the wetland, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route crosses the small Nõva River and leads you to the beach at Keibu Bay (overgrown at the beginning) where a sandy seashore with dunes stretches before your eyes. Near Keibu Brook, it turns inland where its continuation coincides with the trail marked by the Estonian State Forest Management Centre: Peraküla – Aegviidu – Ähijärve. The trail snakes through the small Keibu village and emerges at the beach opposite Alliklepa village with beautiful juniper fields. Further on, the trail leads you between the sea and two small lakes that used to be coves. Opposite them, you will see dolomite outcrops in the seabed. Next, the trail takes a small road along the seacoast (you can see the Pakri Islands) until reaching Vintse village and then it turns towards Vihterpalu.

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