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Short but steep way up to the viewpoint over Nammao beach and Railay beach. It might take around one hour (taking it easy). WikiLoc doesn't show the right altitude difference. It might be around 0-60 m, not 7-14.

Take the path between the hotel and the mountain wall which connects both beaches. Half the way, you'll see a muddy rocky way up with a couple of ropes to help you. I didn't use the ropes a single time, but that's your choice. I prefer using rocks, trees and roots.

All the way up is at least as steep as you see from the bottom. Once you reach the top, follow the flat path to the left and watch your step, because it might be slippery. Shortly afterwards, you'll enjoy the view. Use the same path to come back down. It is not high enough for base jumping, which is forbidden.

Not suitable for people afraid of heights or of getting dirty with red mud (don't wear your best clothes...). This is not climbing, but you'll need your hands all the time. Remember that going up is usually easier than coming down. I'm sure some kids would do it, but others won't, try yourselves at the beginning, which is a bit easier. This trail is not dangerous, but take care and don't slip.

You might also want to visit the lagoon. It is steeper and you might get some extra mud :D

PS: the mud goes off your clothes much more easily if you have a bath just after coming down ;)

End of the beach




Path under the cliff


Way up in front of a hut with seats


Climb a bit, watch your step!


Path to the left (right to lagoon)


Might be slippery


Viewpoint over the beach


    You can or this trail