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рядом с Radomirë, Dibër (Albania)

Part one of two. Planning to come back down the other side for a loopThis trail starts right at a little restaurant and hotel Haxhi Hima. They let us park there. The trail almost immediately hit a stream that was tricky to cross. We followed someone’s trail that veered right almost immediately off the main trail at this water so that we could go up a ridge that takes you through great wild flowers and gives great views of the mountain as you ascend. There are really no markers on this path and it seems as though the trail evolves from year to year as snow and rocks cause the exact route to vary a bit. If you generally head in the same direction of our trail you should be fine. Lots of goat paths that weave in and out.

The second half of the trail basically goes through lots of rock slide/Avalanche areas, so there isn’t much of an actual trail. Rather it’s more of a general direction you go.

I’d say keep going the right direction, but feel free to alter it a bit as you go to find the best/safest for that time.

It’s definitely a tough climb, but we did it with full packs since we are camping near the top. So if you did it sans pack it would likely be a bit easier.

Look for our route looping down around the other side if you are interested in getting more variety on the way down.

First Ridge

A few more trees for some shade. Just past the first meadow wildflower ascent.


If water is high, you should be able to cross just above the pipe.

Great view/water crossings

First great scenic view of Korab plus water to fill up



Tree Line


Lunch spot

Good halfway spot for lunch/snack after what seemed a fairly intense ascent section. No shade, but we are well above the tree line so that’s a bit much to hope for anyway.

Off the trail

This part we followed a previous poster’s recording. Not really a trail here. Just kinda scurrying up the hillside to get up to the ridge. Supposed to be prettier. We’ll see.

Trail convergence

First trail marking we’ve seen since the beginning. The main trail converges with our path here. Will probably follow it up the rest of the way.

Water refill

Great point of water coming straight from the rock

Tippity Top

You know. The top. Highest point. All that.


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