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рядом с Petrovac na Moru, Budva (Montenegro)

Track along the shore with great perspectives.

Most of the time, the Trail leads over fortified ways (asphalted). Between the waypoints 1-2 and 8-10, gravel and dirt determines the way.

Warning: Between km 6.5 and 7.0 (Waypoint 8 until 10) the track is steep and in places a little bit risky (see the description for waypoint 9). It could be a better idea if you take the way up instead of down.

Kick-resistant footwear is recommended.
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 01

We started at the Hotel in Petrovac. Waypoint 1 marks a possible starting point near the parking spot (free) after passing the stadium in Petrovac. Just follow the street to the plaza lucice and pass the gate to waypoint 1. On the right side, you can see a way up over gravel between trees. Follow the path.
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 02

Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 03

Coming from waypoint 1/2, follow the promenade along the beach towards plaza buljarica.
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 04

At this crossroad you can see some benches. If you do not want a cooling-off at Plaza buljarica, just cut short (minus 3 km) by taking the direct way to waypoint 8!
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 05

Here you can find some small "Shops" for fruits and beverage.
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 06

Promenade at Plaza buljarica
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 08

Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 09

Begin of the steep and risky part.
Маршрутная точка

Petrovac 10

Entering plaza lucice. Return to the parking spot.


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