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рядом с Petra, Ma’an (Jordan)

This is off the beaten track... It was my very first visit to Petra and I had a fantastic day. Note:
1) The approach starts through a narrow gorge, in a downpour you will be washed away there, as the water gets up to 10 metres deep! The gorge also has a 5 metre vertical drop, unless you can downclimb a chimney (climbing skills or big balls required), you will have to turn back.
2) The route with Mohammed and Mohammed is mostly off trail. It is difficult to find and requires route finding skills.
After my morning adventures, I thought midday was bad timing for going to the Monastery, as it was hot. So I wandered down the local wadi and ran into Mohammed. He was keen that I follow him, so after a while I did. His family are bedouins and still have a spot in the wadi where I had tea and chatted with his family for a few hours. His mother is an English teacher, so that was easy. The mother suggested the route I took and proposed Mohammed as my guide. He was unsure, so his older cousin was hired as a porter. I agreed on a price with the mother. During the hike, I took great care to distinguish between my Guide Mohammed (the younger) and my Porter Mohammed (the older). It was a breathtaking day.

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  • Фото Urtė Budaitė

    Urtė Budaitė 04.03.2021

    Hey! By any chance you have contacts of those guys? I would love to go with them!

  • Фото bisbj

    bisbj 04.03.2021

    The family stay at the ancestral plot every weekend, you can see on my track where that is. I have not worked in Jordan for the past 5 years, so I have not been in contact with them.

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