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рядом с Pilalímata, Kriti (Greece)

Between Makrighialos and Analipsi, take the concrete road to the north (follow signpost "White River"). After 500 m you can park your car in the shade under a large bridge. You can also continue by car to avoid the less interesting and relatively tiring part of the walk. The quality of the road gradually deteriorates so it depends on your vehicle and your guts how far you drive. The entrance of the gorge is indicated and a few waymarks will lead you uphill and towards Pefki, the village which you can see well in advance. There are a number of possibilities to reach Pefki so it is possible to use a variant for your return way. In Pefki there is a bar and a restaurant. You can continue towards the Stavromenos chapel high above the village (the GPS tracks comes close to it), the Apoloustres cave (not in the GPS track) and the Vreiko cave (http://www.webcrete.com/caves/vreiko.php) : use a good torch and pay attention because it's slippery. The walk in the gorge is not difficult : a few ladders are installed to cross the most difficult passages. For a description in English : http://www.webcrete.com/gorges/pefki.php and one in French : http://www.chemins-de-crete.fr/article-randonnee-en-crete-n-1-gorge-de-pefki-sud-est-56773623.html. Walking time without resting, cave exploration etc. : 4,5 hours.

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Parking under bridge


Vreiko cave

http://www.webcrete.com/caves/vreiko.php http://www.pefkivillage.gr/?section=1773&language=en_US


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