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рядом с Santa Rita (El Tecuane), Jalisco (Mexico)

Hike from the fish farm in El Tecuane Canyon. The Pools of Paradise might have no water during the dry season, but there is always water in the channels that you follow during most of the hike. You will see all kinds of fruit trees and enjoy great views. After the hike you can enjoy the great fried fish at the fish farm and maybe visit the ruins of Taberna el Tecuane (visible from the fish farm), thought to be the oldest tequila distillery in Jalisco.

Tecuane Taberna Ruins

Ruins of oldest tequila distillery in Jalisco, using a very primitive top loading oven, 40 fermentation pits carved into the living rock and gravity assist.

Tecuane Fish Farm

Google Maps will guide you here if you input “Balneario Y Criadero de Mojarra del Tecuane.”
Building of interest

Santa Rita Distillery

Modern distillery. They make Caballito Cerrero tequila here.

Pools of Paradise

Gloriously beautiful place with cool, clean water...but not in the dry season!


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