• Фото Rozštípená skála
  • Фото Cimburk
  • Фото Cimburk
  • Фото Cimburk
  • Фото Kazatelna
  • Фото St. Clement's hillfort

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рядом с Vřesovice, South Moravian (Czechia)

Easy enough hike around the densely wooded hills of Chřiby, a small highland in Southeastern Moravia which - together with Ždánice forest - forms a westernmost promontory of the great Carpathians. You can spot a variety of rock formations (Rozštípená skála, Kazatelna) as well as historic monuments (Cimburk castle ruins, St. Clement's hillfort) along this particular trail.
An interesting rock formation (literally "Splitrock").
Not particulary abundant well. It's been poorly maintained for quite a long time and there's not enough water running out of it during the summer months.
You can get fresh water here even in the high summer.
Another interesting rock formation (literally "The Pulpit"). Nowadays the valley views are somewhat obscured by tall grown trees.
A pilgrimage site with a chapel that used to be a fortified settlement in the distant past.


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