• Фото Okatse Canyon, Zeda Gordi - Georgia

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683 m
497 m
8,08 km

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рядом с  Zeda Gordi, Imereti (Georgia)

Beautiful view, walking on the edge of the wall, some did get shaky legs. walking by the wall is not that long, few KM, but getting to start point is longer and still beautiful.
there are taxis waiting to take people from ticket station to the gate, but I would recommend walking as its beautiful park and enjoy nature.

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    Electranieda 08.07.2018

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    The path is very clear from the visitor centre, just follow the paved path. After 2.2km you get to the gates where you are asked for the ticket. That is the real access to the canyon. On the way back, there is a small bar at the top of the stairs so you can get some water.
    The only difficulty this walk has is that some sections are slippery when wet, and there will be a good number of tourists, so there is no peace and quiet.

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