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рядом с Mizpe Deragot, West Bank (فلسطین)

One of the most difficult marked trails I have been on in Israel. The nature reserve booth at the top will not let you onto the trail unless you have 20 meters of rope, hiking shoes and arrive before 9AM. You will be swimming through murky water on parts of the trail and you and your gear will get completely wet. I am an avid hiker and I was not really prepared for how difficult and sometimes frightening this hike would be. I sprained my thumb but since we went in March of 2015, one person has died on this trail and another was seriously wounded. I don't want to scare you off the hike but I do think people should know what they are getting into. This hike involves some danger, some rock climbing in places where the hand and foot holds may be damaged by flooding and some minor but quite dramatic rappelling. All in all, I absolutely loved this beautiful trail and was thrilled by the challenge.
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near Mizpe Deragot, West Bank (فلسطین) by mitchgrein
Elevation Profile
Walking distance: 9.32 mi. - 15 km.

Elevation min: -418 meters max: 35 meters
Uphill: 590 meters down: 1231 meters
Type: One way
Execellent hike! You will get wet during almost all the hike and it is necessary to bring a rope.

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