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рядом с El Mtaïn, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Mtein - Falougha - Ain Zhalta - Barouk - Maaser El Chouf Cedars Nature Reserves - Niha Fortress- Jezzine- Bkassine(through the Largest Fruitful Pine Trees Forest in the Middle East)

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This 3 Days Trekking Trail starts at the old silk factory in Mtein Village and heads toward Falougha first, through the forest descent before the bridge has unclear marks as the zig zags are tight in distance but you should be able to find your way, then after the bridge you start ascending you'll pass through critical passage with chains on wall to hold on for safety..then you reach to a farm continue from there to a big transmitter and turn right from there until you reach the main paved road after short distance you go up left through dirt road until the pool, took shortcut here then you reach the spring water facing the tree that's the best point to fill water...From here you ascend upward to the right..until the Top where the views are stunning at the pools below.
Continue from here passing by water factory from above then passing by rocks to the Lebanese flag where the entrance was closed so took an offtrail tough descent down until reached the main road then catch dirt road to the left all the way to Dahr El Baydar
Cross the road through police checkpoint toward Ain Zhalta took lower path then dirt road, after here path marks are unclear but keep going straight forward...you pass by fruits trees path until you reach Ain Zhalta Nature Reserve Entrance where you can camp, I camped below there in Bmahrai.
Second day, ascend starts through Beautiful Ain Zhalta Cedar's Nature Reserve Forest, at Top view is amazing at Bekaa valley...path is dirt road to Barouk Forest but wonderful views all around..then crossing the paved road toward Maaser El Shouf where steep descent starts all the way to the village.
From here you head to Niha passing by Mresti Village, just before here be careful, there are aggressive dogs that can attack you from nearby houses especially if you're alone. Owners don't seem to be around.
The path after Mresti is clear all the way to Niha Fortress where I camped under there as dark light took over.

Next morning, started from there through Niha Fortress ascending..took unusual unmarked path after the Lebanese flag straight to the right instead left around..
Then descending on slippery terrain to Azzibe waterfall and spring water for a good fill of your water need.
Then path goes to Jezzine waterfall and Jezzine Lady Mary big statue on clear path then from there you head from downside toward the Largest Fruitful Pine Forest in the Middle East at Bkassine village, you pass through it among Beautiful Nature...until you reach Bkassine wonderful big church.

This trail started with over 20kg backpack, it's for experts only consisting of rough terrain and sometimes dangerous passages to be careful at..
The first 2 days are very demanding for the body and mind while the last day is the most relaxing as your energy is melting already😂

You can hike this trail as per day with many break days in between according to your hiking level.

Feel free to DM me for any questions..

Enjoy the trail and keep nature clean👍

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